Join us in Brittany for an intensive week of classes on reading and acting Shakespeare

The purpose of our summer retreat is to explore the specificity of Shakespeare’s writing and how it “works” on stage. 

You will work with stage director Cecilia Dorland (founder and Artistic Director of London-based Scena Mundi) and Professor Gisèle Venet (leading authority on Shakespearean literature from la Sorbonne) and with the help of UK trained actors experienced in classical drama. 

Through the study of carefully chosen passages from the plays, you will learn how theatre practitioners find on the page the elements that work in performance. 


Classes take place in a beautiful, picturesque house in Ploubazlanec, a small village in Brittany. Weather permitting, we will run most of the sessions in the sea-facing garden.

The classes are based on the study of carefully chosen passages from the plays and draw on input from the participants, followed by tutor-led feedback.

THEATRE SESSIONS explore the text as a dramatic medium from the point of view of the director and actor. You will be asked to work on an extract from a play either as a player or as a director and after you have presented your work, the session will continue with feedback and further work under the direction of the theatre practitioner. 

LITERATURE SESSIONS concentrate on the literary, cultural and artistic background of the text and explore the writing itself, deciphering the themes, figures of speech and all literary devices at work in the script. You will be invited to contribute your interpretation of the text and your work will be developed by our Shakespearean scholar.

PERFORMANCE. Participants who are interested can work on scenes to be presented on the last day of the retreat.

No need to be a professional actor or a consummate scholar! 

Our tutors do not expect you to be proficient in all aspects of Shakespearean practice! You will never be made to feel inadequate or wrong but will find encouragement and care all round!


Fees - 695 (£620) per person


  • Over 30 hours of intensive tuition with 2 highly skilled and specialised lecturers
  • some one-to-one tuition (1 hour maximum) and individualised feedback
  • Paper copies of all documents used for the classes
  • Use of Wifi (please note the connection is not very fast!)
  • All tea, coffee and biscuits served during breaks.
  • Transport from and to Paimpol station at the beginning and end of the week.
  • One dinner with wine on the last day of the week.

NOT included in the fee:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport 
  • Petrol if you come with your own car
  • Food other than last day dinner


There is an observer only fee of (£220) for people who would like to accompany a participant or to observe the classes without participating.


The next Summer Retreat will take place in 2019. Dates to be confirmed very soon.

For more information and to register your interest:

Call us on +44 (0) 7419 209755 or email