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Intensive, classical acting course for young actors aged 16-20, leading to public performances of a professional production in a London theatre.


The course is for young people with some basic experience of acting. It is particularly adapted to students of A’ Level drama, English Literature and Theatre but is open to anyone meeting the age criteria. The course will be 80% practical and 20% academic. Most of the time will be spent practising acting but there will be a few table-based sessions. Although no formal written production will be required, you may be asked to undertake some simple research of an academic nature or to write brief replies to content questions. You will be guided throughout your work and get personal support but be aware that you will work on demanding texts. A good command of written English and an interest in all culture, arts and literature will prove useful.

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Training young actors to be stage ready in a few weeks’ time for a professional production of a Renaissance play in a reputable London venue: here is some theatrical challenge! Sharing Scena Mundi’s acting excellence and precise attention to text with passionate young players in the making, we will work on their energy, talent and intelligence. They’ll become members of our company, find out the way it works, meet and learn from theatre professionals, before appearing on stage in a full run. They will learn about acting, literature, theatre in Shakespearean and modern times; they’ll have to be reliable company members and good actors: disciplined, good-humoured, humble, superbly quick, witty and resilient, healthy, good with words, kind with others and hard on themselves. They will participate in the historical revival of a comedy which has not been performed since the times of Good Queen Bess – yes, decidedly a challenge, but a stylish one!

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Phase 1: weeks 1-10


Ten weeks of highly-specialised teaching by theatre professionals and academics. Trainees study for three hours a week (group and individual sessions, evening classes).


Acting the classicS

  • Character Study

  • Scene study

  • Audition classes

  • Movement & voice

  • Singing

  • Text and context

Text study

  • Renaissance Drama with emphasis on Elizabethan theatre

  • Lectures by leading professionals in the fields of theatre and literature.

Making Theatre: the work of a professional company.

  • Sessions with all professionals intervening in the process of theatre making: learn about the jobs of the stage manager, producer, designer, voice & movement coach…

  • Acting Members of a company: behaviour, expectations, company life…

  • Rehearsals: organisation, calls…

Phase 2: weeks 11-16


The company enter the rehearsal stage which will lead to a 3 week run of the production in a London theatrical venue.

The company recruitment will be based on the play staged at the end of the course, John Lyly’s Endymion, or the Man in the Moon (1588). Members are cast for specific parts and the casting decisions accepted at the beginning of the course are final.

  • Weeks 11-13: rehearsals (ensemble and individual calls, costume calls etc)

  • Weeks 14-16: 15 performances

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The dates for 2019 are the 18 March to 28 July.

Phase one: Classical Acting Course

Weeks beginning 18 March to 10 June

3 hour weekly classes (No classes w/b 8 April and 15 April)

Phase two: Rehearsals and Performances*

Weeks beginning 17, 24 June and 1 July: Rehearsals to a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Weeks beginning 8, 15 and 22 July: 4 Performances a week.

  • Scena Mundi Theatre will stage and publicise the performances as it does its own shows. This means that the play will be professionally lit, designed, costumed and fully advertised through a press campaign.


The course fees are £2,300**. They include:

  • 30 hours of acting classes and introduction to the classics with qualified theatre professionals and lecturers.

  • A minimum of 45 hours of rehearsals

  • Participation in a fully professional theatre production

  • costumes, props and publicity* for the Well-Versed production

  • All scripts

** A portion of revenue from all ticket sales for the performances will be put towards bursaries for low-income students on future courses.


Selection is by audition. Fill in the application form below or call or email us if you have any questions (details below).

Selected applicants become members of the Scena Mundi’s Well-Versed training company.

We are looking for great acting potential, not for perfect actors. We will train you so do not hesitate to apply even if you have never taken part in any classical play.




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