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“Well-versed” is an intensive, nine-week classical acting course for experienced actors, leading to public performances of a professional production.


Please note: the course is 30% academical and 70% practical. Most of the time will be spent in the rehearsal room but there will be a few table-based sessions. Although no formal written production will be required, you may be asked to undertake some simple research of an academic nature or to write brief replies to content questions. You will be guided throughout your work and get personal support but be aware that you will work on demanding texts and difficult cultural and artistic concepts. A good command of written English and an interest in all culture, arts and literature will prove useful.



1.    Phase 1: CLASSICAL ACTING COURSE  - weeks 1-4


4 weeks of highly-specialised teaching by theatre professionals and academics. Trainees study for15 hours a week (group and individual sessions, evening classes available). 

  • Text and context (group classes)

- History of the theatre and stage practices (from the Greeks to the Restoration)
- Text study
- Renaissance Drama with emphasis on Shakespearean theatre
- Lectures by leading professionals in the fields of theatre and literature

  • Acting the classics:

- Scene study (group)
- Audition classes (group & individual) - 2 fully rehearsed monologues ready by the end of the course.
- Movement & voice (group & individual) 

  • Academic & Professional Follow-up (individual sessions):

- One to one tutoring sessions
- Personalised professional advice

2.    Phase 2: Rehearsal & Performance of a classical play - weeks 4-9

During week 2 or 3, actors are cast in a classical play. Course tutors choose the play to match the company members and their individual strengths. 


- Week 5-8: beginning of rehearsals (ensemble and individual calls, costume calls etc)

- Week 9: Technical rehearsals & 3 public performances in a central London location. The performances are professionally lit, designed and operated. Well-Versed members are encouraged to invite industry professionals. 



Selection is by audition. Call us or drop us an email if you are interested (details below).

Selected applicants become members of the Scena Mundi Well-Versed training company. 

We are looking for potential, not for perfectly accomplished classical actors so do not hesitate to apply even if you have no experience of classical acting.


The dates for 2018-19 are to be confirmed.


Classes will take place in a few locations in Central London (near Tottentham Court Road) and North London (Belsize Park area)

The performances will take place in Central London (exact location tbc)


The fee for the whole course is £3,000.

This includes all classes with qualified theatre professionals and lecturers (with a minimum of 9 hours of personal tuition), costumes, props and publicity (*) for the Well-Versed production.

(*) Scena Mundi Theatre will publicise the performances as it does its own shows, which includes reaching out to audiences, theatre professionals and contacts in the industry. However, individual contacts with specific agents are left to the trainees' discretion.

WE WILL BE ORGANISING A MEETING IN THE NEW YEAR FOR ACTORS INTERESTED IN JOINING WELL-VERSED. Date to be announced soon. Please write to us to let us know of your interest so we can update you.

For information on audition or if you have any further questions:

Call us on  + 44 (0)7419 209 755 or email us: info@scenamundi.co.uk

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Well-versed is a part of Scena Mundi Theatre.

The Well-Versed productions are advertised to Scena Mundi’s mailing list & industry professionals.