• tread the boardroom with Scena Mundi •

Scena Mundi offer workshops based on the exploration of classical plays through the use of techniques practiced by actors in rehearsal. Join one of fun, DRAMA-PACKED days or half days and explore the world of Shakespeare and other dramatists under the guidance of professional actors and directors. Cultural, challenging and always rewarding, our bespoke workshops are carefully tailored to your needs. Conducted in a safe and encouraging environment, our theatre workshops are great way to bring your team together, honing in on key corporate skills, including:

• Improving leadership •

• Team bonding •

• Increasing creativity •

• Improving teamwork •

• Enhancing personal development and self-belief •


• why use shakespeare and classical texts? •

Great literature tells us in a condensed manner the truth about life - it exposes us to situations which, although they may seem exaggerated in their intensity, sum up in a brief instant the human experience, the truth and universality of human feelings. Why deal with the mundane when we can use the sublime texts of theatre to learn about ourselves - and enjoy beautiful literature and culture as we go?

• what we offer •

Below are a few examples of workshops we can offer, but the possibilities are limitless. We devise a bespoke workshop tailored to meet your needs. Just let us know what you expect and we will work with you to deliver it.

 introduction to shakespeare

A two-hour workshop to find out all you need to know about Shakespeare! (From only £500 to £700 depending on the number of participants). In this workshop you will have fun and learn about the Shakespeare. Prepare your questions, bring any favourite extracts, find out about a character you're interested in... Anything Shakespearean goes as you will learn from actors and directors their professional take on Shakespeare and have them at your disposal to explore the bard's work. A very flexible workshop in which you will learn how and why we 'do' Shakespeare and have a little stab at it yourself!

Bespoke workshops

Explore Shakespearean (or other) texts the way actors do it!

Half-day workshop

(from £800 to £1000 depending on number of participants).

The participants are given a few scenes to work on and after a general introduction and professional warm-up lead by actors, they are split into small groups and given time to explore the scenes and get them on their feet. Actors are there to guide them and teach them about the rehearsal process. Each group is then invited to share its work with all the participants before the all-important award ceremony.

Whole-day workshop

(from £1000 to £1300 depending on number of participants).

Experience the #actorslife for a day, working as a fully-fledged theatre company and put on a mini show at the end! We focus on one play and after a short introduction with a director and a professional warm-up led by actors, we share the parts and start rehearsals! Under the guidance of the facilitators (who are all classically-trained actors), the group turns into a company and works towards the performance of a short Shakespearean play. There will, of course, be the all-important award ceremony after the show.

For more information or to book a session, contact Cecilia at info@scenamundi.co.uk